Thursday, July 23, 2009

Java Monkey

For anyone interested, my work is currently being displayed at Java Monkey in Decatur, GA. As a super-awesome bonus, my good friend (and an excellent painter) Ruby Franklin's work is being displayed, too. [Note: you can find a link to Ruby's website at the top of my blog, under the header]

There are plenty of pieces that have been posted on this blog, as well as new ones never seen here. It will be up until the end of July, so you don't have much time left if you'd like to take a look!

You can find directions to Java Monkey here, or peruse their website here.

Ruby's work is hanging near the front entrance, and you can find mine at the cash register & wine bar. I'll try to get some decent photographs uploaded here before they're taken down, but you'll want to see it for yourself!

Self Portrait & Texture

Untitled Self Portrait
Mixed Media & Colored Pencil on Smooth Bristol
Gift for a friend.

Distressed Texture
Mixed Media (Coffee, Coffee Grounds, Watercolor, Salt, Bleach)

For use in later digital & traditional work.
This was an experiment.
I decided to post it because I was pleased with the result.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beltline + WonderRoot + Eyedrum

Ruby & I beginning our panels.
(Photo courtesy of Creative Loafing)

My board, all finished, waiting to be hung up somewhere around the city.
(Photo courtesy of Angel)

I participated in Art Sign the Beltline with a couple of friends to raise awareness about the Beltline Project in Atlanta on June 28. It was hosted by WonderRoot and took place at the Eyedrum. The basic premise was to invite artists to paint over 100 wooden boards that would later be hung up where the Beltline will hopefully run. Despite being very hot and sweaty, it was a lot of fun!

Take a look at Beltline, as well as proud sponsers WonderRoot & Eyedrum.
There's also a nice blog about the event with photos at Creative Loafing.

Favorite Things

  • bagpipes
  • breaking glass
  • bret easton ellis
  • collarbones
  • grunge
  • miniature buddhas
  • nail varnish
  • skeletons
  • splatters & drips
  • street art

Miss Ariel

Miss Ariel


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